Fintry Today

While Fintry has a unique and fascinating history, it is also a thriving community today.

A Hidden Castle Reveals Itself

Dr Murray Cook, Stirling’s Archaeologist, tells what we’ve found in the first search for Balglass Castle. Oct 2021 – with return digs likely over the next few years.

Whole Village Photos

These captured as many as possible of the people living in Fintry at the time of each photo. The first was taken for the Millenium in 2000, the second, ten years later in 2010.

For the best detailed viewing, originals can be seen in the museum.

From the Air

Newton of Fintry – designed village – originally built around 1790

Aerial photo of Fintry from the East
From the East
Aerial photo of Fintry from the North
From the North

Nature and Wildlife

A selection of nature photographs taken recently by Douglas Rae in and around Fintry.