Welcome to Fintry Museum

Fintry Museum contains many of the stories on this website and much more.

There are artefacts on display, mostly with a local connection. The Fintry Timeline runs along one full wall.

There are beautiful hardwood tables hand-crafted by Fintry man Steve Mclean. These, when folded back to the wall, reveal wonderful photos of Fintry wildlife taken by Douglas Rae.

Our archives section has much more detail of days gone by.

It is a beautiful serene room where you can relax with a coffee and learn at the same time.

And of course it is free!

One of the displays
two children looking at the exhibits

The Fintry Timeline

Click on the button below to have a good look at the Fintry Timeline online.

The original is on the wall of the museum if you want to see the real thing.