Fintry Past

Culcreuch Estates

1922 Auction of Fintry Farms 

Over 6,000 Acres

Over hundreds of years, whoever was the Laird of Culcreuch was also owner and landlord of a large swathe of farms in the Endrick valley. On 19th October 1922 it was all auctioned off in The Albert Hall, Stirling, following the death of Sir Walter Menzies MP.

Bogside Farm Harvest, 1961
Bogside Farm Harvest, 1961

The Estate

Thirteen farms were listed in addition to the main estate, along with woodlands and plantations, the Dowager House of Culcreuch, thirteen tenement properties in Newtown and Fintry as well as fifteen leasehold properties and ten feu duties.

Andrew Cowan of Spittalfield Farm
Andrew Cowan of Spittalfield Farm

The Castle's Buildings

“Garage to hold 3 Cars, Stabling for 6 Horses, Harness Room, Accumulator House, Game Larder, Bothy, Boiler House,Turbine House, Saw Mill, Creosoting Tank, Joiner’s and Painter’s Shops, Granary and Threshing Mill, Hay Loft, Byre for 6 Cows, Cart Shed, further garage for 2 Cars. Two Entrance Lodges and Gardener’s Cottage.”

Sporting Rights

The estate was described in 1922 as having “capital mixed shooting including Grouse, Blackgame, Partridges, Snipe, Woodcock, Wild Pheasants, occasional Roe Deer, Hares and a large number of Rabbits. Very little has been shot since 1914.” Fishing in the Endrick was listed as “Sea Trout, usually from 2 – 2.5 lbs, Salmon and Brown Trout. Salmon of over 10 lbs have been taken.”

FarmsAcresAnnual rent
Jaw Farm and Shootings1561£373
Bogside Farm557£241
Glenboig Farm434£157
Kilunan Farm134£109
Glenboig Mill29£29
Mains of Glins506£173
Craigend and Dalhilloch548£224
Overglinns and Airthrie109£76
Old Smithy0.3810 shillings
Nether Glins177£105
Culcreuch House1689£520
Dunmore Lodge4£37
Jaw Farm in 1922
Jaw Farm in 1922